We are consultants ...

... for problems and solutions, projects and objectives, processes and innovations, for all concerns of organizational-, staff- and personell development.

Our capability for your added value!


Our concepts are always tailor made according to your individual needs and demands !

cross cultural Coaching and psycho-analytic Supervision supports the development of own durable solutions, helps to develop and to strengthen yours or your staff's potentials and to integrate them into their personality. Coaching and Supervision facilitates the ability of cooperation to increase the economic efficiency.

cross cultural Coaching und Selfmanagement supports and consolidates the sucessful changes originated by Supervision.

cross cultural trainings give guidance, instruction and information to improve requested abilities.

cross cultural organizational developments supports your staff to perceive the project or company as an entirety and to increasingly realize the importance and responsibility of his own role and function.

cross cultural business consulting supports African companies on German speaking markets. We  represent your company according to the demands, do marketing and public relation, business development, feasibility studies, mergers & acquisitions.

cross cultural mediation mediates bewteen the parties to the conflictwith the focus on consent instead of right, privilege or impact. 

It helps to find Self determined solutions which are seen as a benefint fromboth conflict sides.

Our Outdoor-Trainings will help your staff to see the world with different eyes, to face problems from different angles, to change the perspective and to overcome self-limitation.


Your concern is our concern. Therefore we regard our methods and concepts as tools which will be utilzed according to the situation.

The human being in it's prevailing environment is holistically the center point and together with the individul we search for unutilized potentials.



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