We assist you to reach your strategic and functional targets.

For an appropriate identification and exploration of your potentials and to attract your markets!

We successfully count on long term and durable partnerships with our clientelle. We listen carefully to our clients. Because only listening directs to understanding which again creates trust and reliability to cooperatively define new targets. Customer satisfaction is our most important objective.       


We consult Organizations und Enterprises creating added values and beneficial alliances.
We identify growth potentials and business oportunities and tackle them actively.
We support Enterprises establishing their market performance in Africa and Arabian Countries.



Our services consist of


individual consulting and provision of information

provision and supply of market analysis 

production and supply of information material concerning general

    conditions and product placement on foreign markets

feasibility studies and expert's reports

individual market introduction 

Consulting on asssessment and selection of cooperation partners


BAP Interactive Consulting therefore cooperates with experts and laywers within the countries of interest (Africa and Arabian Countries).


We take over representations of foreign Enterprises and Organizations concerning the German speaking market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) 
We care for all the concerns of our clients regarding business development, marketing, promotion, distribution, sales and  mergers & acquisitions.


To contact us per E-Mail kindly mail to: mail@bap-consulting.de

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