This special offer has been created for those management personell in cross cultural relation who have to build or continue business relation to foreign business partners, management personell with special  deployments (e.g. Joint Ventures, Mergers, Acquisitions, Networking).


you work on your ability to adopt yourself constructively to given situations in in your host country.
get aware how cultures influence your personal behaviour, your perception and assumptions and how it influences your personal self-appreciation
Increase your certainty and competency in communication with your foreign business partner to avoid misunderstandings and to gain more personal security 
Increase the success of your international operation


Other countries - other customs

how culture shapes perception and behavior
Attitudes and Ideals' in cross cultural contexts
Obstacles and pathfinders of business success 
which cross cultural abilities do you need?

To be an expatriate Manager 

your role as  "marginal man" in a Diaspora situation
how to manage and supervise cross cultural?
Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions, Networking  - cultural based problems and solutions 

Relocation basics

drastic changes of social environment 
how to deal with potential foreign partners
Presentation - profiling your company
Negotiation and  decision
problems and chances of your integration

"do’s and dont’s in other countries

how to communicate: colorful describtions or straight to the point? 
how to welcome your business partners
dine and wine
interaction between men and women
Gourmet or Gourmand?
Symbols and Sacrilege


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