Britta Badjie

Management Training

Supervision (DGSv*) 



HR Management and Recruiting  


Business Consulting 

Tourism Management,

PR, Marketing and Business Development

Since 1991 I am a free-lance business consultant and coordinator for organizational management, economics and information management. I am running the privately owned Consultancy 

BAP Interactive Consulting Britta Badjie


Industry Spotlights

Travel Industry ( TourOperator, Travel Agencies, Tourist Boards) 


Public Sector


Financial Services Industry ( Banking & Insurance )

Information Technology  




My main areas of specialization are:


Business Consultancy

Enterprise Development and Strategic Management

Development of Business Relation

Marketing, Promotion and Public Relation

Mergers & Acquisitions

HR Development and Recruiting on (upper) Management Level

Interim management

Customer Relationship Management

Organizational Management

Internet Applications and Performances

Software Developments 


Management Training & Coaching

Cross Cultural Trainings

Organizational Management

Conflict Management, Trouble Shooting

Team Building Processes

Support on Process Restructuring

Quality Management

Train the Trainer


References can be provided on personal demand

   Member of:

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